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Monday, September 22, 2008

Graf Set 2

This has to be one of my favorite graf pieces from yesterday's shoot. The colors practically assault you when you pull up to the wall and they just begged to be photographed. The fabulous talent behind this art is obvious in the glowing "III" off to the right of the piece that knows how to draw your eye just right.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Graf Set

Since it's now midnight and I've been out shooting all day, I'll make this brief and give you a quick preview of one of the crazy sick pieces of grafitti that I shot today. Watching the artists at work definitely gave me a newfound respect for the talent that these individuals have. This is the first of many as I took about 400 something frames today so check back soon to see the rest!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Numbered Doors, Numbered Days

Camp Columbia once served as a summer camp for engineering students from Columbia University, a member of the prestigious Ivy League. Historical photos of the camp show the inherent beauty in the location and the craftsmanship in each building, a portion of which is still alive and well in the details of this door surrounded by a beautiful stone wall. The interior of this cottage, in spite of having been completely stripped, pointed to a continued tradition of architectural beauty that made these buildings unique.

Class of 1902

The tower pictured here was built by the Columbia University class of 1902, presumably engineering students. The most disappointing part of the day was discovering that there is no way up into the tower as the entrance has been gated. I can only imagine what the view from the top of this tower would be like.

Looking In and Getting Out

I never got the opportunity to see Camp Columbia while it was still in tact, and it was disappointing to walk into this cottage and find the beds stacked up in the bathroom, the floors stripped, and very little of the building's original presence still existed. This set of windows was the only thing in this cottage that caught my eye and I took the time to not only shoot it in digital, but also in medium format 120 film and 35mm film.

What Lay in Store

The lockers in the bath house still had their originaly Yale locks on the handles, one of which may or may not have made its way into my bag...

In the Light

The side room of the bath house had shelves on the back wall, all labeled with white tape though the writing had faded long ago so it was hard to tell what was once stored there. We had a perfect day however and the lighting in the bath house was beautiful.

Sink Into the Past

The bath house at Camp Columbia had certainly seen better days and I had a feeling that this room had been set up for a shot by another photographer, but I will never know for sure. It didn't matter. The colors, textures, and general feeling of a time gone by when Columbia students rushed in and out of this building on their way to various activities.